Once you have your Kaytee rabbit food, you might think you’re ready for your pet rabbit. The truth is that there are a lot of preparations that need to be made.

First of all, you must guarantee space to the animal. Your cage should be as large as possible, with enough space to move and be able to exercise. In it you can place the drinker and feeder, and you must allocate a space for it to relieve itself. Educate him so that he always does it in that space and the cage won’t get as dirty, it is not very difficult nor requires a lot of patience, because they are very intelligent animals.

Kaytee rabbit food

Although you provide them with a large cage, the rabbit needs you to take it out regularly and let it enjoy larger spaces. This is good for it to get used to all the environments of the home and to develop warm and sociable relationships with the members of the family. To permanently confine him to his cage, you will see how he develops a cold temperament, which is contrary to the expectations that you could have had when you welcomed him as a pet.

Another aspect that we must watch over is the temperature. They are very sensitive to excesses of cold or heat and it is one of the causes that most afflict them in wild environments where they cannot find a way to protect themselves. It is therefore recommended to place rabbit cages in roofed areas and protect them for possible impacts from wind, rain, moisture or the sun.

Feeding a rabbit is not very difficult if you have Kaytee rabbit food. They should be guaranteed water daily and the food should be given in small portions twice a day. An essential component of your diet is fresh hay, which helps the rabbit in digesting other foods. Other foods of importance are the grains of barley or oats, because of their high protein content, although you cannot over feed them, especially when they are very small.

As for vegetables and fruits, you should know that they enjoy them a lot, but that you cannot spoil them and give them in excess as they want, because they cause diarrhea when the rabbits over-eat them.

Nails should be cut periodically. To do so, it is best to learn the procedure from someone with experience, since an incorrect cut can make the animal suffer. Of course, having abundant fur, rabbits are not exempt from possession of fleas and mites. You must also pay special attention to this and use the same tick and flea treatments as you would on a cat.

You have to accustom your rabbit to human contact from when it is a small bunny to ensure adequate responses to orders. Remember that you should never pick up a rabbit by its ears. This can harm the animal and will make them fear you. Instead, use one hand to lift under its behind with the other wrapped under its chest.

If you are reading this you must be interested in finding a raccoon trap online so we are going to give you an outline of the steps that have to be taken.  You could visit best raccoon traps 2017 but prior to doing that there are some things you should do to make sure you are making the right decision.

Do You Have to Trap the Raccoon Yourself?

If you are living in an area that has a dog catching service they may be able to help you with your raccoon problem (for a fee) however if that is not an option then you should consider setting your own trap. Look for the area that the raccoons tend to hang out and see whether you can remove the source of food that attracts them. If you eliminate the root cause of the raccoon problem namely a food source then after you trap this initial wave your problem should be solved. After you have removed the sources of food you can begin looking for companies that are selling traps specially designed for raccoons.

visit best raccoon traps 2017

When you have the names of the companies that design traps for raccoons you should find out whether the traps keeps the animal alive or will it kill the raccoon. There are traps designed to kill the raccoon and that may be legal in your area but remember it could also kill your neighbor’s dogs and cats so it may be prudent to focus on a trap that keeps the animal alive.

Once you have found the traps that keep raccoons alive you should compare the prices that each retailer is charging and look at how the trap actually works, is it effective at capturing raccoons? These are variables that will require some work on your end but it will be worth the effort since you are trying to deal with this raccoon problem without having to spend a huge sum of money. After you have located the trap that is the best based on reviews you can begin searching for retailers that are selling them.

While comparing the prices that each of the retailers is charging you also need to find out whether the retailer offers an exchange program. In the event, the trap is damaged while in transit to your place it would provide you with peace of mind knowing you do not have to pay shipping fees twice just to get the trap. The last thing you should do before setting the trap is come up with a game plan on how will you dispose of the raccoon after you catch it. This is a step that many people overlook but you need to have a plan otherwise you could be stuck with a raccoon and not know how to deal with it. What some people do is load the trap on the back of a truck and haul the raccoon back into the forest but that may not be an option where you live, just make sure you have a plan and things will go smoother.