A Hookah store story that all smokers will love

Online writers are a weird breed. It depends on how old they are. If they’ve been around since before the internet then many of them will have great stories to tell new, younger readers who spend most of their time on their mobiles, looking for things to do with themselves and interesting things to read. They are also using the net and their apps for their online shopping. They cottoned on long before these old writers that the things you could never seem to find downtown are already readily available online. Many of these old school writers are verifiable chain smokers.

If only they had discovered the internet and the shopping sites before these youngsters did. These youngsters of today call themselves millennials. And guess what. They also smoke. But not as much as their much older smokers. It is hard to believe that some of them are still alive, given the damage they’ve done to their lungs. But the Y generation may just live a lot longer than these old school guys. Younger generation smokers are not smoking the dirt and the poison. Long before these old smokers crawled out from under their rocks, the Y generation had discovered e-cigarette smoking, among a great many innovative other things.

Hookah store

So far, this has been a – cough, cough – a Hookah store short story that all smokers will love. Almost half way through this story, a journey of new discoveries is about to begin. It is a chance to bite the dust once more and acknowledge that it really is difficult to give up old and dirty habits. It is even more difficult to give up conventional tobacco smoking practices. The nicotine included in the tobacco, tar and poison cigarettes is quite addictive. This is not the time for new online shoppers or readers to shrug their shoulders.

It is not the time to give up and howl into your chest. Stop coughing, you guys! Anyway, this is the time to be pragmatic and accept your fate in life. If you lived that long, you could not help the glamour that was associated with tobacco cigarette smoking and all its iconic brands. You were young and stupid at the time. Your younger smokers, much younger than some of you, are young, smart and savvy. It is a well-known fact that they know most of everything to do with the Internet of Things. You are, cough, cough, still doing your research.

Even young upstarts know this much about the older writers. Still doing research has long been the excuse for these long in the tooth writers for telling their bosses that they really haven’t made any headway in meeting their deadlines. They are probably long overdue anyhow. Nevertheless, their predicament is unhealthily ironic. Heavy smoking does that, it slows the brain cells down. Had it been sharp enough, its owners would already be e-smoking, doing far less damage to their lungs as the case may be.